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Here’s some tips to get you started on the journey to a healthy lifestyle:

1. Enjoy a glass of water first thing in the morning.

Mornings are always rushed so make time to drink a big glass of water. We lose a lot of oxygen through the night and to rejuvenate our cells, we need to supply them with water and oxygen. Drink water throughout the day. Squeeze some lemon in for a ‘twist’.

2. Grab a few fresh fruits on your way out.

Fruits are great for their nutrients, vitamins and sugars that are required in our body. Make sure you have 2-3 fruits per day and keep your sugar levels balanced.

3. Rest your body

Sleep is so important, sleep between 6-8 hours at night and wake up feeling like a new person.

4. Avoid Alcohol

Excessive alcohol intake is not good for your body, it can cause weight gain and long term liver damage.

5. Exercise on the move

If you work in an office, get up every 30 minutes and go for a walk. If you have an office with stairs, run up and down the stairs every couple of hours. Get your blood flowing and your muscles moving.

6. Eat a handful of nuts in the afternoon

Get your favorite selection of nuts (almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts, etc.) and raisins and have a big handful of them at around 3pm. This has been shown to increase afternoon energy and productivity.

7. Healthy Mind, healthy body….. Breathe

Be conscious of your breathing, life is so rushed and stressful we often forget to breathe properly. It doesn’t have to be an effort – at your desk, driving the car, cooking supper – do some deep breathing. Inhale and count up to 5 seconds, hold it for a few seconds, and release slowly. Exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide is one of the best things we can do for our blood and cells.

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Knowall IT has taken IT to a new level with their forward thinking innovative team ensuring they are always ‘ahead of the game’. IT changes so rapidly that it takes a team of dedicated passionate individuals to ensure companies are not left behind.

Looking into some of Knowall IT offerings I found some exciting innovative services that will propel a company into utilizing technology to its maximum thus ensuring they can focus on their core business increasing productivity

Take a look at Hybrid Cloud Computing London and how Knowall It can assist with Hybrid Cloud Computing

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Being homeless must be the most devastating circumstance for anyone to find themselves in especially the main breadwinner. At a time when jobs are being cut worldwide, people are losing their jobs, families’ are losing their homes and security finding themselves sleeping on the streets of London.

In London alone homeless living on the street has risen a drastic 43% last year.

It’s no wonder that companies such as dblo associates architects Chelseaarchitects Notting Hillarchitects Knightsbridge have stepped in to assist in any way possible. These are people who are driven to making a difference in those around them.  They are passionate about helping the less fortunate. That says it all for their business ethics and always ensuring their client’s needs are met.

Our thanks go out to dblo associates and other companies who support the homeless throughout London and the UK.

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Strong business ethics make RUMM stand apart from the rest as leaders in Energy Management Solutions. With Over 7 years in the market RUMM have proven their energy saving methodologies timer and time again having help client save over £8million and over 46,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

In a time where energy consumption is at a critical point this just shows the dedication and commitment of a strong team. Energy management UK and Energy management Wales has never been better with the help of RUMM.

Having a bad experience with an existing builder is not something to be taken lightly and a reputable company was urgently required who could assist as the existing builder had left the property unsafe.

After hearing about South London Refurbishments Builders South London and the work they do we contacted them and well as the saying goes… the “rest is history”. Within a matter of time we had them on board and to our relief things started to happen.

The house needed to be made stable before any work could be undertaken, the roof needed replacing, drainage installed, plumbing and electrical work undertaken, full decorating of the house to the highest standard and the garden beautifully landscaped.

From a disaster to a complete success, we chose the right company to assist us in the end.

South London Refurbishments can be contacted by clicking on the following areas:

Loft Extensions LondonLoft Extensions BishopsgateLoft Extensions Fenchurch StreetLoft Extensions Fleet StreetLoft Extensions KenningtonLoft Extensions WalworthLoft Extensions Central LondonLoft Extensions West BromptonLoft Extensions Battersea and Loft Extensions Balham

Kitchen Installation in BarnesKitchen Installation in LondonKitchen Installation in MortlakeKitchen Installation in PutneyKitchen Installation in TootingKitchen Installation in StreathamKitchen Installation in WandsworthKitchen Installation in WimbledonKitchen Installation in BrixtonKitchen Installation in West Wimbledon and Kitchen Installation in Chelsea

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Bring a friend and both get 50% off ANY one treatment at Buty Salon, click here for the promotional code: Waxing Fulham,Bikini WaxBrazilian bikini Fulham and Hollywood bikini

Pop in for a quick Bikini wax Fulham and in 15 mins you will see the difference. The bikini involves waxing your bikini line so you’re neat. With regular treatments the hairs will become finer and hair growth will slow down. This is the standard “V” shape bikini which treats only in the front, not the back. For more information click on Bikini London

The Brazilian bikini  is a treatment leaving a strip of hair, slightly higher than the standard bikini. Usually it is to leave three finger spaces of hair in the front, but  the back (buttocks) or the lip area are not treated under Brazilian Bikini. Find out more on Brazilian bikini London

Hollywood bikini Fulham – The Hollywood Bikini (Strip) Wax is a bikini treatment which removes all pubic hair from the front, lip area and back (buttocks) using strip wax. The option is available for the client to request to leave some hair (a tiny strip etc) in the front if preferred. Büty Salon is the first to introduce this treatment to London in 1998.

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Marquee hire Sussex and Marquee hire Southampton

Marquee Hire conveniently provide Marquee Hire in several areas:Marquee Hire Kent, Marquee hire Hampshire, Marquee Hire EssexMarquee Hire East Sussex, Marquee Hire Bexhill and Marquee Hire Andover.

From weddings to parties or any function large or small, we pride ourselves in ensuring that it will be the best day of your life as we know how important the day is to you.


Choose from a huge selection of  marquee’s there is something to suit everyone’s needs.


Why not have a Chinese hat marquee for a small reception area? Or make the marquee individual with our huge range of coloured roof overlays, linings and swags? Black Starcloth over the dance floor?

The possibilities are endless. We can make the marquee as grand or as simple as you like. Contact us today and one of our advisors would be delighted to come and visit you with our portfolio to discuss your requirements.

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Plan your Funeral with Lodge Brothers

Plan your funeral with one of Lodge Brothers many funeral plan options and relieve your loved ones of the responsibility at a time when their grief and distress will be more than enough of a burden. In addition, because they are paid at today’s prices, funeral plans guarantee a fixed cost funeral service that will not be changed by future price increases or inflation.

Protect  your family and loved ones from any rising funeral costs by speaking to us today about pre-paid funeral plans.

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Harmonized Systems the Home cinema installation and home cinema installers London

Sit down and sink into your own private luxury and enjoy the pleasure of a private projection at home in the best home cinema ever!  With loads of areas we cover in Home cinema installation Belsize Park, Home cinema installation Berkshire, Home cinema installation Buckinghamshire, Home cinema installation Chelsea, Home cinema installation City of LondonHome cinema installation Essex, Home cinema installation HampsteadHome cinema installation Hertfordshire, Home cinema installation St. John’s Wood, Home cinema installation Surrey and Home cinema installation Westend service is number one!

With easy technology designed to maximise your comfort and pleasure by allowing you through a single press on a remote control to dim down the lights, turn on the screen and sound system, adjust the room temperature if needs be, etc… so that your session can start immediately.

Home Cinema Installation

Our home cinema installation engineers are highly specialized in hi-tech and luxury home cinema installations & home cinema design where interior design is essential with the highest picture quality on the screen and accurate sound reproduction.

With the latest 3D screens, 3D projectors and Blu-Ray technology, home theatre visual experience is taken to a new level so the entire family can enjoy their favourite movies, series and sports.

Integrate a whole home automation system, so that when the room is not occupied, system can shut down, in order to save the energy consumption, keep your projector lamp life and other AV equipment life, but also to create easy and user friendly system. Click her for more information on Home Cinema and the areas conveniently located for our clients Home cinema installation Islington, Home cinema installation Kensington, Home cinema installation Kent, Home cinema installation Knightsbridge, Home cinema installation London, Home cinema installation Maida Vale, Home cinema installation Marylebone, Home cinema installation MayfairHome cinema installation Nothing Hill, Home cinema installation Sloane Square and Home cinema installation South Kensington

Knowall IT Ltd is London’s leading outsource IT supplier for the SME market with over 500 SME businesses trusting Knowall’s advice, support and resources to keep their technology working efficiently.


Knowall IT Provides a large number of managed services to compliment the IT Support so you can keep all of your IT with one company.

IT Support London

Cloud Computing

Hosted Exchange

Swyx Unified Communications

Business Broadband

Offsite Backups

Business Continuity

Hosted Applications and Data